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There are promiscuous fishes, polygamous fishes, and monogamous ones, including fishes that mate for life.

Depending on a male’s sexual playbook, he may keep a harem, defend a territory, spawn in a group, engage in sneak copulations, bide his time as a satellite male, or commit acts of sexual piracy. The great majority of fishes exhibit a familiar pattern with an obscure name, gonochorism, in which individuals are either male or female throughout life.

According to the celeb news site Bossip, the "Poker Face" songstress once admitted she's a hermaphrodite, though no evidence of this is provided.

BUT..shits me to tears when they obviously do not go through the right psychological avenues before hand, and then THIS happens. In 2011, Laura appeared on Channel 4's Beauty And The Beast and admitted that she was £30,000 in debt due to her obsession with cosmetic surgery.She said at the time: "Since my 18th birthday whenever my dad offered me the choice of a car or a boob job I chose the boob job. The photo below, taken from a video filmed at the Glastonbury festival in the UK, shows something between Lady Gaga’s legs you would not expect. “I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself female. That seems very hard to believe, but hey, if you believe today's craziest batch of rumors and a grainy picture circulating online, well, then yes and yes! “It’s not something I’m ashamed of, I just don't go around telling everyone,” she said (supposedly).

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More than one-quarter of all fishes on a reef can transition from male to female, or vice versa.

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